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Kodak to Bring Back T-Max P3200 High-Speed Film


​Things have definitely been buzzing in the film world as of late, and sure enough Kodak takes the spotlight this month. If you have been crying like me these last few years, as we see our favorite films, one-by-one vanish... then you must be jumping for joy like I was when I heard Kodak will be re-introducing T-Max P3200 film. I can remember my grungier days back in college experimenting with this film, pushing and pulling it, exploiting its awesome grain structure that you swear you can feel when print it out. It's safe to say that I'll be exploring that all over again, and I'm totally stoked about it.

Anyway, enough about me and lets talk about this film.

Kodak Alaris officially announced that it will be bringing back Kodak Professional T-MAX P3200 TMZ, the multi-speed panchromatic black-and-white negative film.

P3200 TMZ has a nominal film speed of ISO 800, but the "P" designation means that it's designed to be push-processed to EI 3200 or higher. How high you ask? According to Kodak, you should be able to push this film all the way up to an ISO of 25,000. Take that digital photographers. Can you just imagine what you can capture with a sweet vintage Nikkor f1.8 lens? I can!

"This film excels when shooting in low light or when capturing fast action" "It is ideally suited for handheld street scene photography, night work, and in dimly lit venues where you can't use flash."

by Kodak Alaris
As you can see, things are really shaping up for us film lovers. This is the second film that Kodak Alaris has announced that its bringing back.

"It's no secret that we've been looking for opportunities to expand our portfolio," says Kodak Alaris president Dennis Olbrich. "Darkroom photography is making a comeback, and B&W Film sales are clearly on a positive trajectory. Given these very encouraging market trends, we believe P3200 TMZ will be a great addition to our lineup."

Kodak Alaris also announced it is bringing back Ektachrome film at CES in January 2017. While we are still awaiting that film to hit the shelves, I'm proud to announce that our order of P3200 film is in! ORDER HERE today!

First shipment is in!
The Leica IIIb

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Sunday, 16 December 2018
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