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No matter what level your infatuation with the analog process is, all are welcome to this exploration of “The Lost Medium.” Shoot your camera, develop the film, and print your photos all by hand. Become closer to your craft with this all-inclusive tour of film photography.

In the fast-paced world of technological advances, immediacy is so important to any photographer, regardless of their level of expertise. These classes will offer you the tools to thoroughly understand how your camera operates, how to navigate the sometimes endless menus, learn about lenses, using the flash, as well as how to take a fantastic photograph.

Do you want to learn photography but lack the open schedule for multi-day classes? You may want to consider our workshop style classes. Workshops typically last from 8am-4pm, with a one-hour lunch break in between. Snacks and coffee are also available to keep the creative juices flowing.

Learn useful photographic principles out in the real world, and under real conditions. Instead of lecturing inside of our classroom, we take you out into photographic situations that facilitate creativity. Learn principles of floral macro photography with a field of flowers in front of you, and learn the principles of architecture photography outside, with buildings in front of you and so much more.

The Lost Medium is a two-week summer camp program focused on the art of film photography.
Introduce your child to the art & science of Analog Photography.
Ages: 12 - 17

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