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Movie Film

Starting at $29.99
Digitize your 8mm & 16mm movie film. | More Info ►

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Video Tapes

Starting at $29.99
Digitize your 8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, VHS, VHS-C, Beta Tapes & more. | More Info ►

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Audio Tapes

Starting at $15
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Digitize your vinyl records, cassettes & reels. | More Info ►

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The Gather BoxSM

Black Lab Imaging is proud to offer you a complete solution to archiving your Family's tresured memories. Things happen in life, from natural disasters, moving from one house to the next and just the passing of time. Through the years we have recorded precious family memories on film, prints, video tapes and more. As you know, these things don't last forever and today's generation prefer viewing these memories on their phones or smart TV. So to solve both of these facts... we bring to you The Gather Boxsm. This unique one-stop-shop solution is the perfect way for you to both preserve your memories and bring them up to date in today's digital world.GB 2boxes web


You won't believe what this box can do!

Don’t know where to begin? Do you need a subtle (yet effective) way to get family members to participate in the archiving process? Our take-home, DIY archiving kit simplifies the sometimes daunting task of organizing personal effects and helps get your photo closets, drawers, garages, basements and attics in order!


GATHERBOX prints4A web

The Box ~ For Pictures

This is your complete solution for archiving all of your family photos. Loose slides, negatives or prints... no worries, we got you covered. Just bring them in! Cost of scanning for as little as 15¢ a photo.

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The Box ~ For Movies

This is your complete solution for archiving all of your family's home movies. From Movie Film to video tapes... no worries, we got you covered. Just bring them in! Starting at just $29.99.

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